Monday, September 17, 2012

Kurunjis in Bloom

Despite the present geographical disparity of some 730 miles, I go many lengths to stay connected to Ooty and be updated of what happens there, from time to time.

You can therefore imagine my elation when, on Thursday last, The Times of India carried a feature on the Kurunji bloom in Ooty, which is ongoing. Binomally known Strobilanthes kunthiana, the Neelakurinji are how the blue mountains, back home, got their famed name - The Nilgiris. These purplish blue flowers blossom only once in 12 years and served as a means for calculating age among the tribal folk!

Understandably, my mind is wandering about those pristine mountains now, envisioning the wonder, longing to be part of that heaven, forever and ever

On another note, my comment management system gave me a slip last post onwards. I have written to the support team of Intensedebate and am hoping that they right the wrong soon. Some of your comments have disappeared, in the past, and will, in all probability go down under this time too! Nevertheless, do please leave me your wonderful thoughts, as always. Nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing from all of you. 

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