Monday, September 24, 2012

Wholly Elephant God

Wednesday last, for some of us, began, long before day break, with a short interruption, in an otherwise commendable scheme of power supply - This was as if by indication of what was to come later in the day!

Contrary to a lot many others, I was working that day despite the city welcoming the 'Holy Elephant God' in whose reverence this metropolis comes to a grinding halt, once, or perhaps twice, every year! And so, you'd  forgive me very much for lovingly, and deferentially, calling him the 'Wholly Elephant God!'

Stepping out at the usual stroke of the hour in the morning, I noticed a conspicuous absence of the otherwise long-flowing river of people. The usually overflowing bus, to the nearest suburban railway station, ambled in slow and 'attractively' unoccupied. At the railway station, some ten minutes later, a desolate sight greeted me and as a 12-car-snaking-string-of-a-train pulled up, I derisively chuckled, to myself, at how empty it was!

Riding the 65 minute, 20 mile journey, in perfectly blissful dreamlike solitude, I was differently edgy and strangely excited at how much space that morning presented, as opposed to the otherwise needle-stack-span everyday offering, which is earned after no less than battle-like bluster! It was a feeling of being blessed with countless luxuries than what could possibly be imagined, let alone enjoyed.

Jokes apart, the absence of flutter, mayhem and the coupled din caused me to wonder if I had landed up a place anew - only to realize that even the beloved 'Manhattan of India' is entitled to some rare slumber - this time, thanks to the 'Wholly Elephant God.'

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