Wednesday, January 23, 2008

51 Refractions of a Mirror

When I was a young boy, I tried to listen – Coldplay X & Y

But that was then and now is now! So to speak, Almost Sunday has come and gone, to come and go for Eons to come and the spirited search for “Kaya” continues in full momentum as every passing day is briefed to exist from the break of dawn to the twilight of dusk.

The concept of Geocaching, Mercurial Messenger(ing) and flatbed tablet controls of the computer all aimed at converging to harness the unknown potent that might give way to a discovery so unknown that the world will change forever or for ever after!
Drop a pencil into a glass of water vertically and it takes a tenth of a nano-second to understand the physically real description of refraction.

Reflection however is a different ball game and can be understood as a matter of choice or chance for those who wish to understand the contemplated thought of conclusive retrospection. Greek and Latin as this may sound, there is always the hindsight that complements (not compliments) the foresight and which is why entropy and laws of attraction are fatalistically true to the point of understanding in the way things are seen, felt and comprehended.

Someone once told me that the concept of friendship is based on a association for some rhyme or reason, beyond which that paradigm does not ever exist. Maybe the Man about time failed to understand in his superbly utter confused state of mind that the happening of the happened was not always the way the happening was supposed to be. And then I remembered that one cannot teach math to an old dog. (Eh?)

I remember the jumbled world of Mandrake, Narda and Lothar where Xanadu existed as a child and prowess was all that was expected out of the human mind to better the actions that we always perform best – being ourselves (limiting that to my realm – being my self).
Beyond these points of refractive reflections and contemplations of every dimension, some have unfortunately earned the attribute of being labeled insane and inordinate.

Clarity of thought (to the other side) seems to have been lost ages ago and the ways of the world lie not just in the mirror where imaginary and imagined converged to form ideas.

For those who thought in the ‘self-assumed’ superior sense, I must say folks (and you know who), most of you have got the BASICs wrong and muddled up with the ASCII when all that needed to be said was detachment in the most direct and optimistic sense that would prevail in the galleries of that mind that would be devoid of unnecessary emotion and foolhardy actions. Maybe the EXIT and EGRESS are one and the same, but their applications do differ in the possible way of understanding how life progresses if it should.

Burning bridges was something of a jingle Garth Brooks sang a long time ago but never once has it been so very correct (apt + appropriately right) as is the case of the day that we live in.

Rolling along, it is easy to wonder (envision) teleportation and psycho-kinesis as if those were child’s play, but then they aren’t, and such actions are reserved for a few who know that the diamond is also a stone of carbon shaped and glazed to reveal its many ‘facets’ that while lying on the neck of some hot (thermostatically endothermic or exothermic, I know not) woman, also behaves the way the prism does – Letting the light pass through!

Now do you think that it should have been 51 reflections? Who possibly knows?

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