Thursday, January 24, 2008

Endeavour calling Freedom 1:7

Goodbye blue skies! Goodbye time lines! Goodbye all those I have known and Goodbye ambitions and dreams unlimited.
Like Aerosmith said “Fly away from here” to “anywhere”.
Solid states of matter and fluid dynamics do not hold true any longer and there is no pain, it’s just that ‘we’ (I referred in the third person) have lost true belief and true understanding of the so-called demented world around!

I remember an old saying “Smile and the whole world smiles along, shed a tear and folks become fair-weather friends.”

Fixed in the unknown, yet fully conscious and knowledgeable of the happenings around keeps me wondering if there is a time that defines completion of all obligations and pressing the button to be teleported into a realm the beginning of which is seen in hues of green and warm yet soothing rays of the run, green grass all around, no mayhem, no apprehension, no limitations of boundary, no staunchly magnetic force pulling from behind in the name of friendship and relationship!

Such a world, I guess is a dream and cannot be ‘transmogrified’ into the dimensions of reality.

The day break signals the arrival of many a woe and worry, oblivious even to the closest let alone the farthest. Explained better best in the manner of understanding the wildly orbiting lone satellite much beyond the hemisphere in an apogee and perigee uncharted, fully loaded into the trajectory that it is programmed to move and achieve its operational efficacy (efficiency for common parlance) until its End of Service / Product Life (EoSPL) is truly achieved unlike the mathematical hypothecations that mission control coordinates have stretched beyond realism.

However when the antennae unwrap to soak the heat of the Bright Star, all is not well.
A meteorite hurtling at 30000 mph is headed straight toward the command module and the Skipper has less than a fraction of a second to take an alternate course of action.

And then R. Kelly sang his best for Space Jam – reeling under the words “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky.”

With the flyby successful and out of course of a so called bird-hit in orbit, decisions had to be made fast and Secondary Protocol to jettison excess baggage must be made., decisions which are consciously tough and unknown until the point of execution!

It is an incongruent space and silence continues to roll the time as Hans Zimmer would have put it. Signalling to the unknown, unsaid and the unknown a man fixates himself in a manner that appears for people to ‘be a target for faraway laughter.’ Reaching for the secret all too soon, the doors open to reveal two objects of affection; a colt .45 and a white ribbon that would symbolize continuum in theory and eventually practice.

Gladiator battles continue in a different sphere and the morning light soon passes for the Sun to stay atop when the clock strikes the arrival of noon. Evenings are mellow and silent with many a hand trying to reach the Poseidon!

And as Poirot (from Agatha Christie) would have pointed out to the acoustic and now electronic senses inbuilt in the humanoid, reprogramming is a waste of effort and also a marathon task like never before. Tupac Shakur once sang “We ride on our enemies.”

Like the Rose from the concrete, there was a dark desert highway and I checked out despite all opposition and calling to stay.
Finally the Kilo Hydrant Condor 11 made a fly pass to ‘observe’. And I looked through to mock it as ever.

They called it the bearer of unconventional things!

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