Tuesday, January 22, 2008

High Hopes

Beyond the horizons……We lived in a world of Magnets and Miracles…… with “Friends” surrounded! – Pink Floyd

Today, at least in my life, these words echo only in thought and want that life hopefully changes for the better and that my presence is for the least a cause of true happiness and not indications of disaster and distress or causes of concerns.

Sometimes in a world filled with conjugates, opposites and likes, I wonder and boldly dream that imperfections be understood with rhyme and reason to the fullest extent despite all the so-called and self-professed states of the assumed form of the anomaly.

The thought that the Matrix exists has never been so true as these days when I walk the road to perdition (something that I have talked in lengths before to the misfortune of many).
I was once lengthily lectured about the importance of perceptions in the life we live. And almost instantaneously I thought “Percepts are for those who seek to forget realities.”

More often than not, History and time have taught me that it is the self of the present that is more important than the assumed self or the wannabe self of the future. And folks, fasten your seatbelts, the future is certainly where we are headed to – every single one of us.

However, some of us hasten in thoughts and actions and make maladies of misjudging (me included). We stumble upon many a thought, after-thought, cause and effect and make electric perceptions of what is and what is not. Arguments are raised, vacuums are created, senselessness prevails and clusters of small mistakes lead to blunders of huge proportions.

This may appear as a confessional, but make no mistake, the reverse is what is true!

I’m mused at the thought that many would not even understand the gravity of the line above and even mused at the thought that these lines may never echo into the white sands of time.
Perhaps being content is the single most marathon task faced by many of us (me included), and maybe it is for this very reason that They called it the ‘Last of the Mohicans’, maybe it was among the reasons why Sir William Wallace yelled to his wild-tribe “Will you not pay to fight for freedom”, perhaps it was why Tessio decided to take things into his own hands and set-up Mikey when Godfather passed away. Maybe it was the same reason that Tristan broken himself over and over against the rocks and still was consumed in age by the Grizzly Bear in the Legends of the Fall, maybe it is for this reason that Jaguar Paw was taught courage by his Father and told to run when the time came, maybe it was for this reason that Lt. Cdr Hunter disagreed with his Skipper in the Crimson Tide, maybe it was for this reason that Oskar Schindler wrote the list, maybe for the very same reason that the road not taken is the road not taken and maybe for the same reason that the Brook flowed in the mind of Alfred Lord Tennyson, maybe for the same reason that Horatio Nelson fought more fiercely than the Lion, maybe for the same reason that the Windmills of time exist, maybe for the same reason that I remember Enio Morricone for his upbeat tune in the wild west portrayal of the Good, Bad and the Ugly, maybe for the same reason that ‘Bangalore’ was inscribed on the guns used in the movie Saving Private Ryan, maybe for the same reason that the sleepy hollow is just a figure of speech and no more, maybe that Mercury Rising is an indication of how we treat our environment, maybe that the Sixth Sense is a sense that can be sharpened in all humanity alike, maybe that there was somebody who actually flew over the cuckoo’s nest and maybe that the Scent of a Woman is the sweetest of all.

I wonder how two words “High Hopes” can in truth personify a sense of Hope like never ever before even in times of despair.

As a footnote, thankfully there is a clear differentiation in Height of Hopes – Oops I almost forgot, no dark sarcasm in the classroom!

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