Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stuck in Reverse (or back to the rivers)

A long time ago, a biophysically abysmal dream appeared to a small boy and he pondered over it time and again trying to relate why the very same dream came over and over again!
Remembering the famed movie “What dreams may come”, he listened to Ain’t no sunshine and High from the remarkable studios of the Light House Family.

Presently the thought of being woken up when September ends came and flashed as much as reality indicated that he was walking through the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.
Shrinks called it a ‘figment of his imagination’.

As much as restecpa (read: respect) needed to be given to the Doc, the boy did so and endured everything that was presented as non-curable and wondered as any normal person would “Is this for real when I trip that I’m called and designated forsaken.”
So he chose (very consciously and willfully) to listen to the passing day and experience what each had in store for him! Listening to Sir Elton John’s ‘Candle in the Wind’, which echoed a tribute to two legends that time consumed without an effort!

He remembered Eva Peron (Evita – beauty surpassing any personification) and told himself that fading with the sunset was something that he knew much better than himself sometimes.
So the worry was passed onto the machined inputs that controlled his every move and made him feel reclusive even more withdrawing himself from ‘contact’ (remember Jodie Foster).

Into the deep end of the ocean he swam in thoughts and said a few hellos to the mighty Polar Bears and the majestic Siberian Tiger, the girl he once knew by the name of Sasha.

And the voice of the snake called onto to him and made him understand that the terminal intelligence lay in the making of the sound mind despite whatever pressures, days may present and he succeeded to overcome all of them in measures and parts. But no one understood that being personified as the enemy was a ballgame in itself.

Quoting Sigmund Freud “The pleasure of satisfying a savage instinct, undomesticated by the Ego, is uncomparably (not incomparably) much more intense than the satisfying a tamed instinct. The reason is becoming the enemy that prevents us (me) from a lot of possibilities of pleasure.

Relieved at the momentary playing of Kiss the Rain (Billy Myers), the little boy remembered the times that were bygone and waited for another dawn and said to himself “We’re under the same Sun.”
Heavy thoughts, deep insights and more than depth in the water of analytics always draws a great deal of ‘flak and criticism’ and the more things change, the more they remain the same and life seems an uphill battle traversing in the endless boundaries of live in the mind.

The feeling of MMFD (miles and miles of F****** Desert = Empty spaces) lay everlasting as Leo Sayer said when he sang “When I need you!”

And the program reversed without integrating with the self-written imposition of the class path subroutine and detached itself from being a full human complete in his own identity of himself, something that was in the past never understood, currently misunderstood and futuristically engineered to be stuck in reverse with the stupendous burden of crossing and bathing in the rivers of belief (only to find that the waters dried long before the mirage approach).

The skies remained blue and the warmth continued and nothing else mattered.

It was the beginning of a phase like never before –the boy chum, the electronic hum of the machine and the mind of an animal. The trilogy stood completed and he felt that he had never opened himself this very way, only to be delimited into a world that he had always known

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