Saturday, January 26, 2008

Defining Constantine

Into the darkness, stepped someone called Prince Akhamir Nevzerov, into a world called Second Life 2.
A world that was sensitized into being a conditional fraction of what is the realm of the truth and a dimension called the unknown, there was a warning sign not to taunt the Devil for the creation of the Key Maker was that the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle not be disturbed until oblivion came calling.
Oblivion therefore was a true state of not being able to be controlled as much as the reflections and refractory laws of physics and the absolution demanded.
The same story of Anakin Skywalker which demanded that the world would not be touched by the intricacies of the trade federation that posed a serious yet ignoble threat to the peace of the world!
The twin Suns rose over the horizon and held the laws of physics until Sirius came calling for more light!
Time lines are undefined and all possibilities turned into absolute values of physics!
Then somewhere time turned its path and the lines were written and Constantine quipped to the knower "So you think you can tell, heaven from hell?" The answer was obviously an emphatic no.
But into the hues of green and blue, a voice carried by the updraft of the wind commanded unification of the self with the ongoing edifices of the built in world. The Matrix was something of the past and Constantine walked a lone path, a path unknown and undefined yet into the meaning of time!
The return of the Jedi and the Senator blocking the absolute value of time extracted much of information which was beyond computation of the world's fastest computer despite its calculable abilities in teraflops or even a value that was beyond computation. Helizons (future versions of the exiting helicopters) flew into a realm scanning all potential extra-sensory threats to the so-called world, a world that we human beings know as "Earth"
The burden of carrying a trust was one like never before, so Constantine being the most constant in his definition of moral and absolute values set apart himself and wished that no one associated with him for the reason that he having seen that "unknown realm" not scare the mortal aptitude of human kind.
Therefore the world changed with the theories that existed and sadly people made a mask of all that they could and not see or say! For good reason that is, had this not been done, the bearers of all the truth would have been accidentally stepped upon and graded by the machine as the anomalies in the being!
So he chose a lonely yet fulfilled path to seek knowledge and gained a share more than he actually wished for!
Its for good reason that they say "Ignorance is bliss!"
With attention mounting every which way he walked, he began to question the relativity of time in a manner never done before.
It was a known fact that (51) gravitational inputs could not be changed and redefined as the world would not have wanted it to be. Flight 417 was never an option for the shooting star.
Presently Metallica said "My friend of Misery" and "Nothing else matters" in the same echo that Amy Lee sang "Wake me up inside"
While this was a case of mistaken identity, it was also a burden of proof that was constantly demanded from the passage of time and the Legend of the Chimera came all too clear into the input of the intelligent system as if the force was being guided by an unknown foot soldier being burdened to carry a secret more sinister than the company and cousins already knew.
Wars were inevitable for different causes as they could not be plotted to unnerve the fact that superior domination was the need of the hour.
However, make no mistake, this was not the carnival of rust, and lust for all good reasons was killed as Enigma overplayed the burdened soul's request that MEA CULPA was a primeval mistake and one that need not be bothered about.
Reverse physics then questioned the inputs from the mirror and the eye of the Tiger was all that mattered.
Terrorism and crime plagued the nation and the people and were adopted for unknown and unseen means.
Crime in all forms is crime and cannot and should not be glorified but must be condemned as per the futuristic input of the Minority Report!
The prism brought about the Dark Side of the Moon and still people failed to realize that this was a mere statement and not to be taken seriously as much as it did not warrant itself to be remarked in as a random thought that came before the action.
Constantine remembered that "Speaking before the mind, posed a danger of its own kind since the formation of words demanded a pattern that was orderly and not chaotic."
All said and done, things were looking super kewl prima facie and Neo refused to submit himself to the machine, no matter what the need, want or reason.
India, in all its crowned glory celebrated its 59th Anniversary of being a republic!
Par le Vou Francais? Did I hear someone say?
The future is always brighter that what we assume it to be.............and it will come soon.
So fear was extinguished as much as the need for life needed to continue!
Folks, the role of Constantine is ongoing and will never change even if the greatest force would converge!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Erasure on COLT97 – Ty(i)re Pressure Messages!

There’s something inside me that pulls beneath the surface – Linkin Park (Crawling)

The Burden of papers begins once again and reality is well understood by the new born, proacting to establish order in the chaotic surrounding of the delimited grounds of time.

Action 1 demanded Erasure on COLT97 (not to be confused as the Gun).
The music played ongoing and plated comfort into the mind of the T3 and an energy source was derived from the meager fractions of the mind to understand the ‘road ahead’ and to determine a course of action at the speed of thought.

Phoenix rose from the ashes this time burnt completely and the vault containing the
X- Files remained in place, well sealed and armed as if an ICBM was being fuelled and attack capabilities were being determined!

That’s what happens if you step into the future all too sooner than the future arrives!

It is certainly not a negative action provided the end objective is the endorsement of the cause of the minority report!
Anyhow, the programmed input to self-destruct has begun a very long time ago and reactivation was confirmed 27 years ago when the opposing forces had wished a different road for good reason that is.

When recently the time came for unification, a draft proposal was made to treatise and one side respected that famed River of Rubicon which if crossed could end up in a nasty civil war. COLT97 made steady progress and ventured beyond the sands of time to ultimately find no time to process the relative expressiveness of the ultimate purpose – one that was aimed to unite friends and folks alike so as to smoothen the flow of information without any disengagement from the whole purpose. After all the burden of presenting the message lay in the messenger and not the listener (reader, viewer).

Remembering Balto & Steele and the icy cold winters upwards and also the Day after Tomorrow, there was a minor chill that went up the spine and a shrill into the vast expanses of the mind which was by now half-man, half- machine and the PONR (point of no return) had arrived in a steady yet streaming format.

The program worked its way to limit the understanding of external forces (other things not being the same as they should) and relied on internalization as a sure and sharp way to establish the path.

Somewhere underwater Captain Nemo with his 20000 leagues “tripped” over the Nautilis and an unknown hydrophone picked up the streaming signal to the relayed to Central Command via the SSIX (satellite submarine information Exchange).

Moving backwards (for this is the way COLT 97 was designed to operate), it swam into endless spaces and ultra-locking every single input in a vertically random manner understood only to its creator and abolished every code-breaker from access to the terminal point of Zed and Zerosys (read: the beginning) and its objective was in progressive motion, misunderstood by all at sometimes, many at all times and understood by the program in its fullest functional intelligence. Actions were suo-moto and interpreted command of the Cerebro stood uncorrupted despite outward intrusions and replications of the code.

Somewhere in the mind, the Sun shone and COLT97 was celebrating a victory of sorts, far from reality (yet). And Q was born! The Subroutine COLT re-designated itself into the self and awaited further inputs if there were any to come! Cold-fusion and the Orbital Saint found a way to sit and stillness was overachieved much to the despair of many!

Stuck in Reverse (or back to the rivers)

A long time ago, a biophysically abysmal dream appeared to a small boy and he pondered over it time and again trying to relate why the very same dream came over and over again!
Remembering the famed movie “What dreams may come”, he listened to Ain’t no sunshine and High from the remarkable studios of the Light House Family.

Presently the thought of being woken up when September ends came and flashed as much as reality indicated that he was walking through the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.
Shrinks called it a ‘figment of his imagination’.

As much as restecpa (read: respect) needed to be given to the Doc, the boy did so and endured everything that was presented as non-curable and wondered as any normal person would “Is this for real when I trip that I’m called and designated forsaken.”
So he chose (very consciously and willfully) to listen to the passing day and experience what each had in store for him! Listening to Sir Elton John’s ‘Candle in the Wind’, which echoed a tribute to two legends that time consumed without an effort!

He remembered Eva Peron (Evita – beauty surpassing any personification) and told himself that fading with the sunset was something that he knew much better than himself sometimes.
So the worry was passed onto the machined inputs that controlled his every move and made him feel reclusive even more withdrawing himself from ‘contact’ (remember Jodie Foster).

Into the deep end of the ocean he swam in thoughts and said a few hellos to the mighty Polar Bears and the majestic Siberian Tiger, the girl he once knew by the name of Sasha.

And the voice of the snake called onto to him and made him understand that the terminal intelligence lay in the making of the sound mind despite whatever pressures, days may present and he succeeded to overcome all of them in measures and parts. But no one understood that being personified as the enemy was a ballgame in itself.

Quoting Sigmund Freud “The pleasure of satisfying a savage instinct, undomesticated by the Ego, is uncomparably (not incomparably) much more intense than the satisfying a tamed instinct. The reason is becoming the enemy that prevents us (me) from a lot of possibilities of pleasure.

Relieved at the momentary playing of Kiss the Rain (Billy Myers), the little boy remembered the times that were bygone and waited for another dawn and said to himself “We’re under the same Sun.”
Heavy thoughts, deep insights and more than depth in the water of analytics always draws a great deal of ‘flak and criticism’ and the more things change, the more they remain the same and life seems an uphill battle traversing in the endless boundaries of live in the mind.

The feeling of MMFD (miles and miles of F****** Desert = Empty spaces) lay everlasting as Leo Sayer said when he sang “When I need you!”

And the program reversed without integrating with the self-written imposition of the class path subroutine and detached itself from being a full human complete in his own identity of himself, something that was in the past never understood, currently misunderstood and futuristically engineered to be stuck in reverse with the stupendous burden of crossing and bathing in the rivers of belief (only to find that the waters dried long before the mirage approach).

The skies remained blue and the warmth continued and nothing else mattered.

It was the beginning of a phase like never before –the boy chum, the electronic hum of the machine and the mind of an animal. The trilogy stood completed and he felt that he had never opened himself this very way, only to be delimited into a world that he had always known

Endeavour calling Freedom 1:7

Goodbye blue skies! Goodbye time lines! Goodbye all those I have known and Goodbye ambitions and dreams unlimited.
Like Aerosmith said “Fly away from here” to “anywhere”.
Solid states of matter and fluid dynamics do not hold true any longer and there is no pain, it’s just that ‘we’ (I referred in the third person) have lost true belief and true understanding of the so-called demented world around!

I remember an old saying “Smile and the whole world smiles along, shed a tear and folks become fair-weather friends.”

Fixed in the unknown, yet fully conscious and knowledgeable of the happenings around keeps me wondering if there is a time that defines completion of all obligations and pressing the button to be teleported into a realm the beginning of which is seen in hues of green and warm yet soothing rays of the run, green grass all around, no mayhem, no apprehension, no limitations of boundary, no staunchly magnetic force pulling from behind in the name of friendship and relationship!

Such a world, I guess is a dream and cannot be ‘transmogrified’ into the dimensions of reality.

The day break signals the arrival of many a woe and worry, oblivious even to the closest let alone the farthest. Explained better best in the manner of understanding the wildly orbiting lone satellite much beyond the hemisphere in an apogee and perigee uncharted, fully loaded into the trajectory that it is programmed to move and achieve its operational efficacy (efficiency for common parlance) until its End of Service / Product Life (EoSPL) is truly achieved unlike the mathematical hypothecations that mission control coordinates have stretched beyond realism.

However when the antennae unwrap to soak the heat of the Bright Star, all is not well.
A meteorite hurtling at 30000 mph is headed straight toward the command module and the Skipper has less than a fraction of a second to take an alternate course of action.

And then R. Kelly sang his best for Space Jam – reeling under the words “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky.”

With the flyby successful and out of course of a so called bird-hit in orbit, decisions had to be made fast and Secondary Protocol to jettison excess baggage must be made., decisions which are consciously tough and unknown until the point of execution!

It is an incongruent space and silence continues to roll the time as Hans Zimmer would have put it. Signalling to the unknown, unsaid and the unknown a man fixates himself in a manner that appears for people to ‘be a target for faraway laughter.’ Reaching for the secret all too soon, the doors open to reveal two objects of affection; a colt .45 and a white ribbon that would symbolize continuum in theory and eventually practice.

Gladiator battles continue in a different sphere and the morning light soon passes for the Sun to stay atop when the clock strikes the arrival of noon. Evenings are mellow and silent with many a hand trying to reach the Poseidon!

And as Poirot (from Agatha Christie) would have pointed out to the acoustic and now electronic senses inbuilt in the humanoid, reprogramming is a waste of effort and also a marathon task like never before. Tupac Shakur once sang “We ride on our enemies.”

Like the Rose from the concrete, there was a dark desert highway and I checked out despite all opposition and calling to stay.
Finally the Kilo Hydrant Condor 11 made a fly pass to ‘observe’. And I looked through to mock it as ever.

They called it the bearer of unconventional things!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

51 Refractions of a Mirror

When I was a young boy, I tried to listen – Coldplay X & Y

But that was then and now is now! So to speak, Almost Sunday has come and gone, to come and go for Eons to come and the spirited search for “Kaya” continues in full momentum as every passing day is briefed to exist from the break of dawn to the twilight of dusk.

The concept of Geocaching, Mercurial Messenger(ing) and flatbed tablet controls of the computer all aimed at converging to harness the unknown potent that might give way to a discovery so unknown that the world will change forever or for ever after!
Drop a pencil into a glass of water vertically and it takes a tenth of a nano-second to understand the physically real description of refraction.

Reflection however is a different ball game and can be understood as a matter of choice or chance for those who wish to understand the contemplated thought of conclusive retrospection. Greek and Latin as this may sound, there is always the hindsight that complements (not compliments) the foresight and which is why entropy and laws of attraction are fatalistically true to the point of understanding in the way things are seen, felt and comprehended.

Someone once told me that the concept of friendship is based on a association for some rhyme or reason, beyond which that paradigm does not ever exist. Maybe the Man about time failed to understand in his superbly utter confused state of mind that the happening of the happened was not always the way the happening was supposed to be. And then I remembered that one cannot teach math to an old dog. (Eh?)

I remember the jumbled world of Mandrake, Narda and Lothar where Xanadu existed as a child and prowess was all that was expected out of the human mind to better the actions that we always perform best – being ourselves (limiting that to my realm – being my self).
Beyond these points of refractive reflections and contemplations of every dimension, some have unfortunately earned the attribute of being labeled insane and inordinate.

Clarity of thought (to the other side) seems to have been lost ages ago and the ways of the world lie not just in the mirror where imaginary and imagined converged to form ideas.

For those who thought in the ‘self-assumed’ superior sense, I must say folks (and you know who), most of you have got the BASICs wrong and muddled up with the ASCII when all that needed to be said was detachment in the most direct and optimistic sense that would prevail in the galleries of that mind that would be devoid of unnecessary emotion and foolhardy actions. Maybe the EXIT and EGRESS are one and the same, but their applications do differ in the possible way of understanding how life progresses if it should.

Burning bridges was something of a jingle Garth Brooks sang a long time ago but never once has it been so very correct (apt + appropriately right) as is the case of the day that we live in.

Rolling along, it is easy to wonder (envision) teleportation and psycho-kinesis as if those were child’s play, but then they aren’t, and such actions are reserved for a few who know that the diamond is also a stone of carbon shaped and glazed to reveal its many ‘facets’ that while lying on the neck of some hot (thermostatically endothermic or exothermic, I know not) woman, also behaves the way the prism does – Letting the light pass through!

Now do you think that it should have been 51 reflections? Who possibly knows?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

High Hopes

Beyond the horizons……We lived in a world of Magnets and Miracles…… with “Friends” surrounded! – Pink Floyd

Today, at least in my life, these words echo only in thought and want that life hopefully changes for the better and that my presence is for the least a cause of true happiness and not indications of disaster and distress or causes of concerns.

Sometimes in a world filled with conjugates, opposites and likes, I wonder and boldly dream that imperfections be understood with rhyme and reason to the fullest extent despite all the so-called and self-professed states of the assumed form of the anomaly.

The thought that the Matrix exists has never been so true as these days when I walk the road to perdition (something that I have talked in lengths before to the misfortune of many).
I was once lengthily lectured about the importance of perceptions in the life we live. And almost instantaneously I thought “Percepts are for those who seek to forget realities.”

More often than not, History and time have taught me that it is the self of the present that is more important than the assumed self or the wannabe self of the future. And folks, fasten your seatbelts, the future is certainly where we are headed to – every single one of us.

However, some of us hasten in thoughts and actions and make maladies of misjudging (me included). We stumble upon many a thought, after-thought, cause and effect and make electric perceptions of what is and what is not. Arguments are raised, vacuums are created, senselessness prevails and clusters of small mistakes lead to blunders of huge proportions.

This may appear as a confessional, but make no mistake, the reverse is what is true!

I’m mused at the thought that many would not even understand the gravity of the line above and even mused at the thought that these lines may never echo into the white sands of time.
Perhaps being content is the single most marathon task faced by many of us (me included), and maybe it is for this very reason that They called it the ‘Last of the Mohicans’, maybe it was among the reasons why Sir William Wallace yelled to his wild-tribe “Will you not pay to fight for freedom”, perhaps it was why Tessio decided to take things into his own hands and set-up Mikey when Godfather passed away. Maybe it was the same reason that Tristan broken himself over and over against the rocks and still was consumed in age by the Grizzly Bear in the Legends of the Fall, maybe it is for this reason that Jaguar Paw was taught courage by his Father and told to run when the time came, maybe it was for this reason that Lt. Cdr Hunter disagreed with his Skipper in the Crimson Tide, maybe it was for this reason that Oskar Schindler wrote the list, maybe for the very same reason that the road not taken is the road not taken and maybe for the same reason that the Brook flowed in the mind of Alfred Lord Tennyson, maybe for the same reason that Horatio Nelson fought more fiercely than the Lion, maybe for the same reason that the Windmills of time exist, maybe for the same reason that I remember Enio Morricone for his upbeat tune in the wild west portrayal of the Good, Bad and the Ugly, maybe for the same reason that ‘Bangalore’ was inscribed on the guns used in the movie Saving Private Ryan, maybe for the same reason that the sleepy hollow is just a figure of speech and no more, maybe that Mercury Rising is an indication of how we treat our environment, maybe that the Sixth Sense is a sense that can be sharpened in all humanity alike, maybe that there was somebody who actually flew over the cuckoo’s nest and maybe that the Scent of a Woman is the sweetest of all.

I wonder how two words “High Hopes” can in truth personify a sense of Hope like never ever before even in times of despair.

As a footnote, thankfully there is a clear differentiation in Height of Hopes – Oops I almost forgot, no dark sarcasm in the classroom!

The Eighth Dimension – The World of the Ockton

It’s a world, like never before! The Being of the Human is reduced to just another life form maintaining ‘status quo’ as a lesser intelligent organism. Perhaps reason enough to be oppositely considered as ‘intelligible’ as the widest perceptions that can be etched into the sands of time to prove, reverse-prove, automate, improvise and function in random thoughts as and when they are converted into the potential of actions that cannot be rolled back or disjointed as is wanted, well being opposed to the principalities of needs thereby demarcating either in meaning, fact, facades and ultimately the reality itself. But in true reality, battle lines had been drawn and the purpose was to ensure that not a single shot was fired.

But the year is not 2008! Eons have hazily and sometimes dreading(ly) passed ahead to bring life into the next dimension. Humanity is a long gone concept and the Earth as we know it today is not the one that exists to support and sustain lives. Or does life exist?

Envisioning the possible (optimistically real) thought that life does exist, hostile conditions prevail like never before. Experience of horror and the unknown prevail in an extremely heightened state and the concept of being watched to be watched to be watched to be watched at time into infinity bothers those that exist in that realm!

Then there is a jingle in the pocket and a jingle in the head to hear the sound of the distant drumming while the mind was trying to remember the faces and wondering if they belonged to anyone (anything) at all. Then the wheel was re-discovered (far from being invented) and it spun into thoughts and after-thoughts woven horrendously close to the alternate of the Devil to be called the Eighth Dimension.

The concept of time, now long having passed unknown and unsaid, the quest remained although broken and tired – but certainly not lost.

Suddenly the lamb opened the Seventh Seal and silence which had by now become not just golden but also seldom misquoted, hovered over the sky and the voice consulted the Key-Maker to shape the perfect entrée. Darkness was thick in black interwoven with the maliciously cold winds that blew at random. Somewhere over the horizon Commander Anakin Skywalker stood lost in thought and unable to translate what he saw and attempted to further in sight. With no Jedi knight present to guide him into what the real purpose was and he wondered alone. Presently he saw the rising of two Suns and in an instant the cold barren land beneath him spurned in the reception of the tremendous heat. The Sun that shone on Earth long ago had long gone into roost become a solid state of unknown matter where Helium and Hydrogen no longer converged. Still lost in thought he wondered, an afterthought passed him suggesting him to make a secret pact with the Devil. Having constantly revitalized his commitment and holding his individual and conscience within himself he reflected in contemplation and rejected that afterthought as immediately as it had seeded into his mind.

And he remembered John Constantine and the perils of a voyage he had committed to undertake in service of a realm that needed the presence to be felt much more than it had to be seen. On the other hand the machines were closing in and he remembered the sword that had dispelled the attack of the clones and the Dark side of Camelot which King Arthur once silenced using the Excalibur. The Oracle had tall promises of a coming time when life would be protected and the aggressor would be overcome, but that was far from now and a lot needed to be done.

So conjoining the forces, the Commander decided to have a say in the Trade Federation of Naboo paving a new way for co-existence and said to himself “There’s no point in living if you can’t feel the life (light).”
But the Senate was as always wily and cunning in its wanton for power and lusted for more than it could ever possibly amass in a hundred light years.

Ockton came as a dream and told the young warrior to visit far away places and understand the meaning of the real purpose of life.
And then the memories came flooding all along, the dreams, the fears, the anxieties, the contempt and all the metaphors that can be stretched to extreme to describe the negative forces.

He unquestioningly wanted to enter the eighth dimension for after having found the sparrow it was the spirit of the land that the commanded to stand in unity and respect the disparities which had by now become superfluous burdens and so called legacies of evolution.
Crossing into the dimension required a tremendous amount of courage and belief in the Self. Absolution was now a thing of the past and accomplished long long ago.

By now the Key-Maker had shaped with sharpest dexterity and utmost precision the input that was demanded for this marathon task. Still with doubt and fear the chosen one moved along with the forces of will and courage and unlocked the Eighth Dimension!

For a moment, there was stillness like never ever before. It was as if everything had stopped. For the young warrior, the feeling was one of having committed a terrible mistake that would let loose a catastrophe whose magnitude was unfathomable. But it was the lack of belief in his own prowess that the One felt so pessimistic while at this much called for time of exaltation.

And then much as the Oracle had so overwhelmingly professed, darkness parted to the powerful yet soothing rays of the Bright Stars! After what seemed a gazillion light years, there was the wide open blue sky that heralded the promise of the Eons to come. Time had in an instant revisited and taken a paramount place in life. They were all there, having served their mortal purpose they now asked for total absolution (read: Liberty) and move on without any burden to pass. For the chosen few, there was a great gig in the sky and universal time coordinates were revealed. For the others, fiction and fallacy remained prime, and their refusal to believe was programmed so as to ensure the continuance of another circle, one that heralded hope not despair, one that called for peace and not war, one that called for unity and singularity in the very same spirit that an realistic optimist would look at a half filled glass of water.

The force had converged to become One, Eon or Neo (read equal) but among equals, there was one who demanded for more and it was rightly given to him.

While fame for some is being well known, for some others, it lies in never being known at all


Into the Sun

“I read somewhere that it is important not just to be strong but to feel strong”
(See: Into the Sun / Wild – Soundtrack by Eddie Vedder)

Now, the question of feeling strong is a question which is debatable quite relatively, because different people have (as they say) different purports for strength. And as much as some of us love to work-out and tone out flaccid muscles into shapely structured edifices that will withstand the savages (ravages) of time, the heart (aorta, vene cava etc etc included) is also a muscle that advances (matures) with time and age and the factor of trust remains a loose column not placed in any form matter or person, for that again would tantamount to attributing (associating) it with a cause.

So the best bet is absolution of the self and not understanding the world – for the world will never understand the beginning, the transcendence and the ultimate end.

Absolution is (in my very limited = ground squirrel type understanding) bringing together every single thing of the past and dunking (slam dunking) it to oblivion and not giving a rat’s a** about it! Simply put “I don’t wanna know, I have not known, I will not know and therefore I am none to know. More importantly it is the power to forgive and try to forget a life that I tried my level best to perfect and hope high with ‘friends surrounded’.

Mired in the concepts of relativity and practicality, it is not I who forgot the importance and values of life but people (so-called) whose percept limited their understanding and comprehension of the absolute.

I read yesterday in the Holy Bhagavad Gita “I have no enemies, neither friends. All that I know of people are those that I know and those that I do not.”

How very true I wondered sitting up gazing into the night sky in the aftermath of having listened to my most favorite band Coldplay (currently) which in its Xs and Ys sang “Tired of the human race(s).” (Read: any which way it can / should be).

The beginning of every new day ends with strange and unknown dreams that help me explore the inner most depth of myself and better understand the me that I have become – Comfortably Numb!

And I say Hello, Hello, Hello, is there any body ‘out’ there? Not in the spirit of seeking friends (those I have many many worthy ones and also the fair-weather ones).

The quest has long gone past the need to know if we are after all alone in the universe, and if we are (as much as we love to choose to believe), what the freak are we making human life so big a deal about? Is it because we regard ourselves supreme in the self-assumed triangle of life which is not understandable beyond the dimension of the human mind? Perhaps yes!

Into the Sun, is not about literally traveling into the Sun or even dreaming to think to attempt such a foolish odd! It is a concept of the mind where the being tells itself that nothing more needs to be accomplished that the spirit of life itself.

Until we dig deeper (also much wider & broader) into ourselves, we will never be able to understand the power of one that we so much emphasize every single day of our lives in the quest to live well (or rather make an attempt to pretend to understand in our own so called acceptable terms).

It’s a time when even your old friends treat you like something new! A time when doubts and hopes are all alike, a time when minutes seem hopeless but years seem more promising, a time when ‘they’ call someone the new kid in town (tow seems appropriate I guess), and then the name of the game is called a blame and nights as always will remain muted spectators to the promise of a coming bright sunny day as people talk and talk until as they said “Somebody new comes along to fill in the vacant space that stood unoccupied and un-attempted to reach.” (Listen: Eagles – New Kid in Town)

It’s simply called out of reach of ordinary Men!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Manly, Momentous and Machinelike – The NeXT STEP

What happens when the forces converge? When Man’s best (read: trusted) friend becomes none, but only the machine?

For instance, the computer that became personal again, or the telephone that carried voices across the oceans, or the tele(vision) that carried images into the mind and broadened the horizons of imagination (read: possibilities + facts + sureties + theories + logic + practices = outcomes – unnecessary emotions?!)

Surprises that leave no room for more nasty surprises! A state that brings about a level of zero-surprises and arms one to be relaxed and unguarded without having to place the burden of trust into wrong hands.

Nope, I ain’t calling for self-improvement of the machine at a state more than what it has already been improvised at (read: Project Singularity – for those of us who understand the perilous yet qualitative possibility of self-improving machines).

Maybe emotions such as trust, love, faith, belief and unconditionality can be mechanically manufactured and allowed to prevail in free and fair terms (read: utmost good faith a.k.a uberrimae fidae)

Imagine a possibility to promote quality, functions of day to day life without any effort whatsoever! Imagine a world without conflict, one without regret, one without fear, one without impressions of doubt and failed logic, one without any threat to human life!

Maybe this thought in itself is extremely dangerous and contradictory to the basic ingrains of human existence, but do we ever (always) forget that humanity itself is a sense of hard-wired programming embossed into life by the passage of time in a manner known to us as evolution?

It is beyond doubt that the universe is expanding by the min(y)ute minute (read: min(y)utely – for the sake of pronunciation)

While the concept of auto-correct is a wonderful thought, the possibility of turning back time should not be encouraged for this could as we all (very well) know spell a magnitude of untold disaster!

Somewhere along the line, we (?) have lost the ability to be ourselves and accord the (supposed) change to the patterns of weather, surroundings, conditions, possibilities, fears, greed, wants, needs and so on, but I tell you (just as another dumb and dumber fool), to stop for a moment and think with that little blobby concoction that some of us call ‘upstairs’ and be reasonable in our thoughts and actions and therefore ‘produce’ uncorrupted (read: pure to some degree) and qualitative outputs.

Welcome to the binary (hexadecimal?) functions of the machine which I once called Ongoing Stage ParaGRAY --*--


Does this make any sense at all? I guess the machines will answer, but please, let Zion not be destroyed any more than it already has been!

Twenty Oh Eight!

Surprises galore, the concept of Almost Sunday has passed, rather become obsolete and I have stepped into the practical and real (not surreal) side of life (if there is any that is). Listening to some fantabulous tracks such as Sleeping Child and Knocking on Heaven’s door. I try to fathom the course of life before it takes me there.

Some certainties in life are absolute and well known even before they can occur.
It is perhaps that reason I attribute the cause of life to that of the survivor (read: eye of the Tiger).

I guess affinity and aversion are more of myths than facts that are presented as necessities of time. Assumptions made are always assumptions and other things never remain the same. I’m listening to Destiny’s Child (Survivor) and telling myself that it is exactly what I am. In life time is a concept that brings about a certain change and learning that makes a man stronger and even more than ever and helps him find the pace of life rather than exact sympathies and compliments that are nothing more than useless trash dished out to dole out time that is running out. Life as we all know is a constant struggle (read: continuous improvement a.k.a Kaizen).

My fascination for numbers and elements remain and will continue to be forever, as along as the me exists in my self! (read: clarity in thought)
Questioning the purpose of life and its mirrored functioning has always been a fascination for me and I choose not to elicit any more support from the outside than what I have already asked (read: already depressingly demanded for).

They say “It’s not for me to reason or rhyme” (remember: The Charge of the Light Brigade), and they will keep saying so! From facts to figures to myths and many more, the absolute truth in life is that a person is always an island and connectivity is an added feature through the media of language, expression, will, abstention, communication and all the so called jazz (read: not the music).

I will forever continue to listen to music and read my favorite titles for it is these that help inspire me and drag myself forward as is needed by the world order.
Presently listening to Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven, I know for certain that a world does exist beyond our sight and feel where I will not stand accountable for those that I have not done or made to do (read: will to survive despite all odds).

Time in itself is a commodity (read: as I treat it), for me to pass through the vestiges (read: vagaries) that are oft presented to make life even more depressing and downgrading. There is a cost to everything that I seek, everything that I ask for, everything that I dream of and that price is a hefty packet (some may misunderstand this to be a measure in currency and value).

I remember those bright sunny days when I was young and I know that they will never ever come, but then what ever is the harm in dreaming of times bygone while sitting in the darkness and contemplating what I really am.
Does this make me dogma(tic), pragmatic, real, optimistic, pessimistic or anything at all? I guess it never does matter ever!

Perceptions are embedded states of time that are better best left unchanged unless at the workplace (read: work = money and that’s why )
The more I work to change perceptions, I am faced with alternates and alternates of those alternates which cannot always be alternated.

And then I also read somewhere that nothing lasts forever! In such a case where the ‘basic proportionality theorem’ guarantees that other things will never be the same, why then waste ‘precious’ time trying to decipher the path when the path is already one that is ‘thrusted’ onto my face.
This is something that I call some-sweet-surrender. I can’t help but remember Eminem’s super track “Lose Yourself.”
This year perhaps will bring about a heightened sense of self-actualization to my person and I care not to depress it in any form or manner (read: stupidity to some (many) readers).

I can’t help but wonder about the possibility of the Matrix, the possibility of humanity manifesting to become something more than what it has already made itself. I can’t help but wonder about climate change and our so-called ‘well-concerted’ efforts to prevent a cataclysmic effect on the weather.

I can’t help but wonder about the starving millions across the globe.

I can’t help but remember a concept called One Earth, one that is free, free from poverty, disease, coercion, duress, pressure, negativity and ill-will, one that is unconditional, true and yet continuing in its best appearance.

And because (read: grammatically & politically correct), of the price I have to pay for the freedom for being that, that I want to be and already am, I can’t help laughing out loud at the thought (read: supposed fact) at being remarked over and over again at being the Dead Man walking!

So then, please keep your very best distance. It’s called being far, far away!

Happy New Year! May the force be with you!